Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Kansas Administrative Regulations

When the Dental Board seeks to implement new administrative regulations or amend existing regulations, a notice will be posted here that contains the following:

1.  A notice of hearing on the proposed regulations;
2.  economic impact statement; and
3.  the proposed regulations. 

Upcoming Meetings

Friday, November 8, 2019
Landon State Office Building, 5th Floor
900 SW Jackson, Room 560
Topeka, KS 66612

Teleconference Number: 1-866-620-7326
Conference Code:  5807233156

*Note:  This open meeting includes a Public Hearing on Regulatory Amendments Proposed for Permanent Adoption.  The proposed amendments and all associated documentation may be downloaded here:  Regulations - November 2019.  The regulations include the following:

1.  K.A.R. 71-2-2.  Branches of dentistry.
2.  K.A.R. 71-2-3.  Committee for specialists' examination.
3.  K.A.R. 71-5-11.  Level II Permit:  parenteral conscious sedation.
4.  K.A.R. 71-8-8.  Information for patients.